My Kinsmen Ministries
Paying it forward, one by one
Sierra Leone     
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About My Kinsmen Ministries
What started as a ministry to address poverty while sharing Jesus has developed into a wholistic program bringing change to Sierra Leone.  Through a brutal civil war, a desperate economic struggle, and a battle with Ebola the problems are overwhelming. 
 God has led MKM to:

    *** Identify and place orphaned children in Christian homes in their communities, 
            often with widows
    *** Provide educational and medical support to these children
    *** Provide skills training and loans to their caregivers and others
    *** Establish Kinsmen Christian Church in Kenema to meet the needs of new believers
    *** Establish 7 village fellowships in areas with no access to the Church
    *** Train local believers to disciple others in their native languages
​    *** Create businesses to help fund the work in Sierra Leone
Providing training in small business and loans, MKM is working to alleviate the poverty caused by the poor economy of Sierra Leone.  Through skills training, rice loans and financial loans, and guidance, those in need are finding answers.