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My Kinsmen Ministries Churches
MKM started village outreach in a small village called Komende.  From that village the plan was to reach out to other villages and start fellowships.  As this was happening, the EBOLA crisis invaded Sierra Leone.  We were blessed to minister to many Muslims who were converting to Christianity and needed a place to worship.  With God's leading, a parent church was planted in the city of Kenema.  This church, Kinsmen Christian Church, is the hub of all our church planting and pastoral training efforts.
Komende Kinsmen Church
Village of Komende
Pastor Daniel
Village of Lomabu
Sister village to Komende
Pastor Fallah
Currently building on this site!  Completion May 2020
Lomabu Kinsmen Church
This church building has already undergone an expansion!  Praise God for his work here!
Njala Kinsmen Church
All of the village churches have volunteer pastors who are vital in starting these fellowships.  These pastors are all participating in the MKM network and meet monthly for encouragement and training.  The villages are responsible for initiating building projects.  The locals collect the needed materials for building and secure a building site from their chief.  Each building site has been donated to the ministry, often by a Muslim chief.  Once the villagers gather their materials, our staff assists them in the planning for and construction of the walls.  Only then does MKM commit money to the project and helps by providing the metal roof, doors, and plastering.  This team effort helps the villagers feel ownership and commitment to their churches.
Kakpema Kinsmen Church
Village of Kakpema
Pastor  Arthur, Pastor Daniel
Currently building on this site!  Completion May 2020
Gandohum Kinsmen Church
Village of Gondohun
FAR off from Kenema    
Pastor Victor
This church members have  collected local supplies and will have a building before the rains in 2020.  The pile of sand is step 1!
Bayama Kinsmen Church
Village of Bayama
Sister village to Njala
Pastor  Alex
This was one of the first church buildings completed.  Pastor Alex has been with MKM from the beginning.  The church has hosted several children outreaches.
Village of  Njala
Only reachable by stick bridge
Pastor John
This building is ready to be plastered.  The MKM staff will assist with this project before the rains.  
Kambuwabu Kinsmen Church
Village of  Kambuwabu
An area of Kenema
Pastor Lahai
This church meets in local buildings or on verandas.  Please pray with them as they seek land to build the first church in the area.
Kinsmen Christian Church 2020
Kenema, Kpayama
Pastor Moses
But as for you, teach what accords with sound doctrine.
               Titus 2:1