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The Village of Komende
 Our hearts' desires are to reach the people of  Sierra Leone with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Our long term goal is to be able to provide loans and stimulate economic growth in villages like Komende while reaching them with the Good News.

We have taken a first step with the MKM farm project (see WHAT's NEW IN KOMENDE) and another step with a sewing project.  We taught 8 village women who are new believers to sew!  They produced over 60 dresses made from pillowcases and are starting their own business!
    Pastor Reuben visited many villages and  prayed for God  to show them the place for us to  begin.  When our director described Komende we felt that it  was the place we were being directed for many  reasons.

 1.  It is almost entirely Muslim
 2. There is a pastor who goes to the village
 3. There are NO latrines in the village
 4. The well is not functioning and provides  contaminated water at best
 5. There is no church in the village.
 6. There is no school in the village.
 7.  It is located at the base of the hills leading from  the villages beyond to Kenema---it is a pass through  village.
 8. It is just about 9 miles from Kenema

Please continue to pray for our friends in Komende!  They have been the model for the six other village church plants!  It has been a blessing to see them grow and mature as Christians.

We can PRAISE GOD that NOT ONE person in any of our villages contracted EBOLA!  We offer special thanks to those that supported EBOLA education in Komende and the other villages!

AND PRAISE GOD FOR OUR DEAR FRIEND ON THE RIGHT!  She lost her finger due to an infection, but her life was spared!  Praise God for Dr. Wendy and her intervention!
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