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These loan participants have gone through an application and interview process.  Their stories were verified and they have all agreed to our loan policy.  They each have shown a desire to help their fellow Sierra Leoneans in one way or another. They are participating in discipleship with Pastor Reuben and/or Solomon and are paying back their loans with 25% interest. Some are participating in a savings plan where we save their profits so they will have capital to continue their work when the loan is complete.
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In June of 2016, Karen and her team lead a business seminar at MKM.  Participants are all interested in receiving small business loans from MKM. We were expecting 10 to 15 participants and had over 50!  The participants worked in teams with one member from the mission team in each group.  Each team, after sessions of instruction, developed a small business and produced bags from x-large t-shirts donated by friend who works for PEPSI.  The teams developed budgets, applied for loans, bought materials and produced some really creative products to sell.  Every team made a small profit, but most importantly learned the basics of running a small business in a God-honoring way!  Special thanks to Rainny for his entertaining interpretation of my English.  Please pray for the 7 potential loans to come out of this seminar!