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Fatmata currently has an active second loan.  She is now buying a reselling fish.  She travels on the weekends to buy the fish and brings them to Bo to sell.   Because of what we have learned through Fatmata's first loan, we are now adding a "capital savings" component to future loans.  This will assure that Fatmata will have the capital necessary to maintain her business once her loan is paid back.
Giving Back
Fatmata is employed as an "auntie" at a Christian orphanage near her home. She has had opportunities to minister beyond her job duties when she takes babies into her home for special care.  Fatmata has shown a love for others and a love for Christ in her daily life!
Fatmata has become a dear friend of MKM. Her example of following through with loan repayment and faithfulness were an inspiration from the beginning of MKM. Fatmata initially had a personal loan from an MKM board member. This example became key in starting the loan program.

Fatmata has also taught us a lot about the challenges of saving money in a third world country where banking is nearly unreachable for the common person. Through her example and perseverance we have developed the savings component of MKM's loan program. We are thankful to her for her faithful work and example to us all. 
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