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Students with a Future
MY KINSMEN MINISTRIES student support program began in the fall of 2010, supporting 8 children through another organization, Children's Foundation Ministry.  This fall, MKM has taken over the complete responsibility for 5 of those students and 9 others.  The children will be receiving all the support they need to be successful at school.  This will include Bible study meetings with Solomon  and Pastor Reuben and visits from Solomon and Reuben in their homes!
Most of these children are orphans, many living in homes with people who have taken them in.

If you are interested in supporting a child with school fees,  we would be glad to arrange that support.  We would provide regular school reports as well as opportunity to communicate through letters with the child!
Depending on the class and the school, support ranges anywhere from $50 per year to $250 per year.  This includes all tuition, books, uniforms and transport!  These children will all be in Christian Schools and their guardians have agreed to supporting the children in church and MKM discipleship.  Your partnership can give personal encouragement to these kids!
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