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Widows and Orphans of Ebola
My Kinsmen Ministries has been working with the ministry of social welfare to develop a plan to address the needs of the children of Sierra Leone following the devastation of the Ebola outbreak. These are 15 identified families that suffered from the Ebola infection wherein both parents (mother and father) died of the 
Ebola virus leaving the children, the death of the father leaving 
behind a widow and children, the death of the mother leaving 
behind a widower and children, the death of a foster parent 
leaving children behind whose parents are dead long ago and so 
on as the cases may appear.  Please keep them in your prayers.

1. The Ishaka Bangura family (1) 
2.  The Conteh family (5) 
3.  The Fambuleh family (6) 
4.  Alima Fangawa family (1) 
5.  The Jombo family (4) 
6.  The Julius family (2) 
7.  The Jaward family (10) 
8.  The Kamara family (7) 
9.  The Kallon family (6) 
10. The Lahai family (3) 
11. The Moseray family (3) 
12. The Musa family (3) 
13. The Ngaima family (2) 
14. The Rogers family (2) 
15. The Salia family (4)
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