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Holistic Ministry Commitment
My Kinsmen Ministries operates under the philosphy that helping one family thrive in all areas will have a lasting impact not only on that family, but on the people touched by that family.

  • Small Business Training and Loans
  • Educational Opportunities
  • Evangelism and Discipleship
  • Effective Family Training
  • Healthcare assistance
  • Village church planting

MKM will support communities, individuals and families as they prayerfully seek out their Christian identities as God’s creations and GROW HIS KINGDOM!

The cycle begins in identifying individuals or families who have shown a desire to minister to others.
Identify and gain commitment from participants
Provide training in small business operations and Christian principles
Provide small business loan
Provide discipleship, support and  ongoing training as participant becomes financially independent

Recoup the loan and small amount of interest to invest in the next participant
Through this avenue, MKM will come alongside families and individuals, introducing those who don't know Christ to Him, and discipiling those who are already believers. 

 MKM will provide effective families training, teach on stewardship, and enlist the help of local churches to insure the success of the participants.  

MKM will then utilize those successful particpants to come alongside new participants!
Paying it forward, 
one by one
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The Plan
Paying it forward, 
                    one by one