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**Communication with JK in Sierra Leone!  Crashed computer, lack of electricity and wide area internet failure are frequent barriers.
God is good!  We are doing much better in this area! Even TEXTING is working at this time!
that JK is considering.   Pray that JK would see God at work and reveal HIS will in this area. JK has recently initiated a new loan with EZEKIEL!
who are supported by MKM are needing supervision and support from their families and other adults.  Pray for their families.
Continue to pray about this.  We are having difficulty getting communication about the progress of these children.
**PRESENTATION OPPORTUNITIES for Mark and Karen!  These are great audiences not only to hear about MKM, but to hear about salvation through Christ!
Praise God for several opportunities!  Keep praying that we would be effective communicators!
**Christie Shermer. 
MKM Boardmember, who will be heading back to Sierra Leone to direct  an orphanage.  Jan 2011
Christie will be in Sierra Leone before April!
 Praise God With Us
 God  has blessed this ministry from the very beginning.  Though the 
 ministry was born out of a desire to personally support change for
 families in Sierra Leone, we have been blessed with the support of
 many interested people along the way.  God has confirmed our desire
 through experiences and scriptures given to us in church, at camp, in
 books, through friends, and in our quiet times with God.  

Since receiving our official non-profit status, we have developed more detailed plans with JK and are ready to begin reaching the people of Sierra Leone through MKM.  We have purchased land near Freetown where we hope one day to build a small guest house to accomodate visitors and generate revenue to reinvest in the ministry!
Dec, 2010

   Since January, God has continued to teach us and lead us in HIS WAYS.  We continue to be blessed and amazed by all He has done.  We continue to remember that if we want to make God laugh, we should tell him OUR PLANS!  We are never sure where he will lead us next, but we are working to be faithful to respond to His invitations to join him in HIS PLANS!

Specific blessings:
        Commitments from two churches for support!
Several opportunities to share the ministry!
God's timing in sending JK to a village where he was able to specically meet the immediate health needs of a little boy.  This intervention very likely saved the life of this little boy.
The initiation of Ezekiel's loan!
Financial support from many individuals!
 March 2011
**James "JK" has been dealing with ministry in areas that were not in our original plan!  Pray that God would confirm HIS WILL in JK's life and encourage JK as he works! JK has been blessed with his brother-in-law, Ruben, who is serving as a huge encouragement to him! 
**EZEKIEL will be receiving his loan in the coming days and will be working in the "bread business!"  Pray for his faithfulness and for success in his business!  Ezekiel not only received his loan, he has already started to pay it back!
**Pray that God would lead JK to the people God wants us to work with!  Pray that God would reveal His plan EACH day to JK! KEEP PRAYING
**Pray for Fatmata who continues to faithfully repay her loan and serve the Lord!
**Pray for upcoming presentations and opportunities to share the ministry and mission with people in America! Presentation in April was great!
**Pray for the Boland family trip to Salone in June!  Schedule is made, tickets bought, collecting supplies!
 Less than a month ago we began sending out brochures and emails telling friends and family about the work God is doing through My Kinsmen Ministries.  The response has been overwhelming!  We now  have over 40 people prayerfully supporting this work.  We have  been blessed to meet with several groups and talk about the work God is doing in Sierra Leone and our desire to join Him in fulfilling HIS PURPOSES!

Specific blessings:
Several faithful friends committing monthly support
Quarterly support from a local church.
Opportunities to connect with a church resource rich in people            desiring to reac the the people of Africa!
Feb. 2011
***PRAY NOW FOR KADIATU!  She is one of our school children who has been hospitalized for several weeks.  Pray for healing and appropriate medical intervention!
Continue to pray for this family.  At one point they had returned to their village for "traditional" treatments.

 ***Please pray for u as we take the steps to establish our status as an NGO in Sierra Leone.  DONE!

 ***Pray for JK!  He is working for us full-time and is very busy "setting up shop!" 
 ***Pray for Fatmata, 
 a loan participant, as 
 she continues  her 
Doing well!
 ***Pray for the 
 students we support 
 in school.  dec, 2010
                    My Kinsmen Ministries
God is faithful!  We are so thankful that God has blessed us with many new prayer and financial supporters in the last month!  Karen was able to share the ministry and her passion for joining God in his work with a group of ladies at a local church!  This is always a huge encouragement.

God is also working in Salone! Ezekiel not only received his loan this month, but he also made his first loan payment!  WOW!  Pray that God would use him as he works in his bread-making business.

We are praising God for the outreach done with the extended families of the adopted Boland children.  John Boland's African brother, Momoh, suffered serious health issues and God had JK at his side just when medical intervention was needed to save this little boy's life!  Praise God for HIS TIMING!

Praise God for the provisions to reconstruct the house of the extended family of the adopted Boland girls, Ruth and Naomi.  This Muslim family is seeing the hand of CHRIST in their lives!  Two of the family members are now attending the church in their village!    April 2011
**Pray for JK as he continues to wait on the Lord for more loan opportunities! Done and continuing!
**Pray for communication between the states and Sierra Leone!  This continues to be a struggle. MUCH IMPROVEMENT!
**Pray that the fuel crisis in Salone would ease!  This shortage is making ministry especially challengin. DONE
**Pray for Ezekiel and Fatmata as they continue in their businesses.  Pray for their families and those whom they might influence for Christ AMAZING PROGRESS
**Please pray for the preparations for the Boland family trip from June 13 until July 2.  Pray that the preparation would be with minimal stress and that the packing of 14 suitcases would be directed by God and what might be needed in Salone. God's plan prevailed!
**Pray for all of our supported school children as they move closer to their final exams! All supported kids promoted to the next class!
         ***Karen Boland was blessed to be able to travel with three of her daughters, Ellyn,  Ruth, 
               and Naomi in the summer of 2016.  They were joined by teacher Natalie Elliot and friends 
                of the Bolands, Emily Terrones and Denali Gardner.

            The team hosted a sewing clinic with the ladies of the church.  This has continued after the 
            team returned and the women have even been teaching women in the village fellowships! 
            They even produced dresses to take to many children in the village of  Bayama.

            The team also hosted  business training seminar where the participants learned to plan a
            business, secure a loan, produce a product, market and sell the product.  The participants 
            actually created business groups and went through the whole process with supplies 
            brought by the team!  As a result, we have several more potential loans!
The Ebola Virus
  • ​Sierra Leone is approaching the two year mark of being ebola free.
  • ​Long term issues include the huge number of orphans left behind.  MKM continues to support about 15 families left with either one or no parents as  result of the crisis.
  • Children with no fathers are everywhere!  Pray for Solomon, Reuben, Paul and Rainny as they step in and serve as father figures for about 80 children.
  • The healthcare system has a huge shortage of doctors.
Prayer Requests
If you are interested in helping us send all of these new children to school, please send support to:

2347 Oak Park Road
Marshalltown, Is 50158

We have spent about hundreds of dollars feeding starving widows and orphans, holding educational forums, feeding families in quarantine, and supplying basic needs for hundreds of people.  This work will continue!
Paying it forward, 
                    one by one
Pray for protection, healing and God's hand over the entire country